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Marzullo S.A. once again committed to Quality: ISO 9001:2000

May 2007: The Company successfully renewed its certificate of quality management system and ISO 9001:2000. Once more Marzullo S.A. renewed its license and certificate ISO 9001:2000 for quality management. The idea: maintain a process free of setbacks, promptly delivering the best quality for our customers. Marzullo S.A. with his trademark TOPCOLOR continue feeding the most […]Leer más

Asipla 2006

Marzullo S.A. participated in the annual special issue of Asipla in the journal Strategy. Marzullo S.A. greets and congratulates Asipla for its success, retention and leadership as a member of the SOFOFA. Marzullo S.A., proud member of the Plastic Industry Association, is present in this edition with a warm greeting.Leer más

Marzullo S.A. in Chileplast 2007

June 2007 The Company of color and additive masterbatches Marzullo S.A. participated in Chileplast again. This time Marzullo S.A. took advantage of the opportunity to launch its new range of products ADITOP *. These additives concentrates maintaining quality already known from their color concentrates TOPCOLOR *. Marzullo S.A. was honored with the award for Best […]Leer más

Marzullo S.A. increases capacity under ISO 9001:2000

News published in Strategy Journal in August 22, 2006 Marzullo S.A. increases capacity under ISO 9001:2000 TOPCOLOR: ‘Focused on Quality’. The company of pigments concentrates and additives in plastic resins (masterbatches), Marzullo S.A. -With its product line-TOPCOLOR, continues with its strong leadership, for over twenty years in the National Market, consistent with its policy of […]Leer más

Plast 2005 Fair Chile

Topcolor’s both in Chile Plast 2005. For more information visit: www.chileplast.clLeer más

Expoplast Peru 2008

May 2008 The Company of color Masterbatches (TOPCOLOR) and additives (ADITOP) Marzullo S.A. participated in a first-class exhibition event in the city of Lima, Peru. This time Marzullo S.A. took this opportunity to show their new line of additive concentrates, ADITOP *. These maintain the already known quality of its color concentrates TOPCOLOR *.Leer más

Opening New Plant in Topcolor

November 2009 A new plant is opened, seeking to respond to the high demand of Whites and Additives, which exceeds 20,000 tons per year, with the highest technology available worldwide, as well as projections that include expanding trade relations with large international companies.Leer más

Expoplast Fair Peru 2010

May 2010 The Company of color Masterbatches (TOPCOLOR) and additives (ADITOP), Marzullo S.A., participated for the second time in Expoplast Peru, an important meeting point for the Plastics Industry in South Pacific and Latin America. More information www.expoplastperu.comLeer más

Chileplast Fair 2010

Marzullo S.A. participated once again at the fair of Plastics Industry in Chile, celebrated in September 2010 for sixth time in Chile. From September 1 to 3 was held the Plastics Industry Fair, Chileplast 2010, within a framework of public professional and the presence of leading authorities of the domestic industry. The company of color […]Leer más

Paint Christmas 2010

December 2010 Marzullo S.A. in an effort to build a company based on strong values and principles, has organized a children’s painting competition “Paint Christmas 2010”, inviting all the children of its employees to participate. In tribute to them, they greeted all their customers, suppliers, partners and friends with a Christmas card, which is printed […]Leer más
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