Marzullo S.A. increases capacity under ISO 9001:2000

News published in Strategy Journal in August 22, 2006 Marzullo S.A. increases capacity under ISO 9001:2000 TOPCOLOR: ‘Focused on Quality’. The company of pigments concentrates and additives in plastic resins (masterbatches), Marzullo S.A. -With its product line-TOPCOLOR, continues with its strong leadership, for over twenty years in the National Market, consistent with its policy of continuous improvement to its current facilities includes an area of 10,000 square meters, in order to increase production capacity and further improve its speed of response to customer requirements. This new extension will seek to meet market demands, not only in color concentrates, but also in additive concentrates and compounds and blacks and whites concentrates. With these facilities Marzullo S.A. aims to increase its share of the growing and innovative Plastics Market in Chile and countries in the region. Don Enzo Marzullo Garcia, General Manager, comments: “The globalization of markets and increased competitiveness require our products to be subject of higher quality requirements and best prices, this of course following the demands of our customers. In this scenario, trying as always to exceed the expectations of our customers along with our policy of continuous improvement, we have decided to increase the installed capacity of our plant, keeping the undisputed quality of our products.” Marzullo S.A., also has an ISO 9001-2000 certification since 2005. This quality standard has been revalidated in June last year, crediting the company in quality management and continuous development. Notably Marzullo S.A. just launched its website and invites guests to visit: With all this, Marzullo S.A. intended to meet the requirements of a changing marketplace and growth in an agile and effective manner. With the clear conviction: “being appreciated as agile and innovative leaders in the region.”


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