Marzullo S.A. is a Chilean company which supplies pigment concentrates (masterbatch) for plastic industry. Starting operations in April 1983, it has been the country’s pioneer in the manufacture of this product.

Nowadays, Marzullo S.A. has become the leader providing color concentrates (TOPCOLOR ®), additives (ADITOP ®) for the use in plastics industry and lately the distribution and marketing of thermoplastic resins (RESITOP ®) for the Chilean market. With over 30 years of experience, Marzullo S.A. combines competition, innovation and quality in their products, supplying the most diverse industries such as industrial packaging industry, packaging of food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, home line, blown film and plastic sheets among others through the process of manufacturing concentrated materials from a wide range of colors and solid or liquid additives in several thermoplastic resins such as LDPE, LLDPE, PS, PP, ABS, PC, POM, PBT, PET, PA and PVC.

The challenge of replacing imported products and the desire of continuous improvement have been the mainstay in the ongoing technological evolution of Marzullo S.A., which even has allowed an export phase that provides several countries of our continent with product excellence.


In Marzullo S.A. the most valuable asset is the team, which now consists of more than 120 people, many of them been collaborators since the founding of the company, and together with the engineers of various specialties that have been integrated, has allowed Marzullo S.A. remain current and competitive in Latin America and the local market.



Efficient and timely solutions of raw materials for the plastics industry with a commitment to service excellence.


Being the leading provider of plastic raw materials in Chile and have a significant presence in South America by 2016.


Teléfono: (562) 2530 7600
Mail: contacto@topcolor.com


Trabajamos en conjunto con el cliente. Para ofrecer un servicio comprometido con el éxito del proyecto.

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Acceda a nuestra información exclusiva para clientes.



Phone: (562) 2530 7600
Mail: contacto@topcolor.com


We work together with our customer to provide a service committed to the success of the project.


Telefone: (562) 2530 7600
Mail: contacto@topcolor.com


Trabalhamos em conjunto com o cliente. Para prestar um serviço comprometido com o sucesso do projeto.