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Additive Development

TOPCOLOR is always at the forefront, researching and developing new applications according to the requirements of each client, for which various laboratory tests are carried out, including new additives, in order to provide timely solutions for process problems and the development of new properties. to finished products.



We work together with the plastic industry applied to agriculture, generating innovation and development for the agricultural industry. We are talking about Greenhouse Film, Mulch, Tunnel, Film Stretch, among other applications that use our additives line products. These products include the UV Masterbatch, which protect the films even when exposed to pesticides or other products used in agriculture, Antioxidant for the protection of the resin, Thermal Additives that help infrared rays enter the greenhouses and don’t come out again.

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Industrial Packaging

We have developed a range of products used today in industrial packaging, which are perfectly adapted to final applications and customer requirements, stories such as: light fastness, weather resistance, no deformation in injected products, contact with products chemicals, among others. The Masterbatches that are incorporated into the final product are the UV protector and fillers like CaCO3 to improve the physical-mechanical properties of the final product.

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We have been suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry since our inception, working together on innovation and development of new products. All our Masterbatches for the pharmaceutical industry comply with international regulations for food use, the usual Masterbatches in the pharmaceutical industry are different colors, pearlized MB, marbled, glitter, fluorescent, additives such as Antistatic, Slip release agent, UV protector of container content, among others.

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Food Packaging

We have developed TOPCOLOR products suitable for food contact. Also in this industry products that help improve production processes are used, such as Slip, Antiblock and Process Aid. In addition, additives are used to improve the performance of the final product such as UV Absorber and Antistatic, and CaCO3 has also been incorporated to improve production and reduce raw material costs.

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We develop in 48 hours special colors and effects for this type of products, TOPCOLOR products have been used in a full and translucent tone, as well as products with special effects such as marbling, glitter, pearls, among others. These products have caused a sensation in the home market and have made innovation and development take over our laboratories to continue supporting the advancement of this product line.

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White line

We are leaders in the manufacture of colors and additives for the national white goods industry using TOPCOLOR products, being able to develop specific colors for parts of washing machines and refrigerators of national manufacture such as: refrigerator handles, sockets and washing machines, among others . Pieces of high complexity, which require the highest quality standards. The main working resins are transparent and natural ABS.

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We have incorporated various colors for use in bags, rashell meshes, carp fabrics, PP textile fibers in general. Different types of UV have also been developed, which are used depending on the final application of textile products. For the actual production process, the textile industry uses our Antioxidants, Process Aids, CaCO3, suitable for the final objective of each productive area.

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Electronic industry

TOPCOLOR with more than 30 years in the national market, has developed a wide variety of products in collaboration with our customers for the electronic industry, offering solutions in the manufacturing processes of plastic products, in order to add or modify color characteristics. through TOPCOLOR, physical or chemical products with our line of additives, or directly RESITOP products in a wide range of polymers: PE, PP, PC, EVA, PS, etc.

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